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Aguelmam teapot

MAD 220,00
La théière Aguelmam est l'une des théières marocaines en cuivre, également connues sous le nom de berrads, sont des récipients traditionnels utilisés pour préparer et servir le thé au Maroc. Ces théières sont faites par des artisans qualifiés qui utilisent des méthodes traditionnelles transmises de génération en génération.

Azrou Teapot

MAD 250,00
The Moroccan teapot Azrou is made of copper and often considered as a symbol of hospitality and are used to serve traditional Moroccan mint tea. They are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also offer several advantages

Azrou Teapot Pack x3

MAD 990,00
This Moroccan copper teapot is an artisanal tea house located in the heart of the ancient city of Fez, Morocco.Our skilled artisans create each piece of copper by hand, using traditional methods and tools that have been handed down from generation to generation. Our exquisite tea services are perfect for special occasions such as weddings, celebrations and festivities of Ramadan. They also make excellent gifts for discerning people who appreciate the refined craftsmanship and elegant design.

Christopher teapot x3

Original price was: MAD 1.200,00.Current price is: MAD 950,00.
The Legzira teapot is one of the Moroccan copper teapots made in Fez are very famous for their traditional craftsmanship and unique style. Fes is known for its skilled craftsmen who specialize in creating beautiful brass, including teapots, trays, and other kitchen and decoration items.

HINDI teapot x2

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Moroccans call him Berrad Farass

Ifrane teapot

MAD 170,00
The Moroccan copper teapot has a long and rich history, dating from the 16th century. It is believed that the first copper teapots in Morocco were made by Jewish artisans to express their faith.These early teapots had simple designs, but over time they became increasingly ornamented with filigree, beaten silver, or brass accents.

M’Daz teapot x3

Original price was: MAD 900,00.Current price is: MAD 750,00.

This Moroccan teapot is a Moroccan copper teapot handmade in the city of Fez. It is a popular teapot to serve tea on special occasions such as ceremonies, celebrations and holidays such as Ramadan and weddings. The teapot is a great gift for someone who appreciates elegant and unique kitchen utensils.

Mini Teapot

MAD 120,00
Moroccan copper teapots like this dakhla teapot, also known as berrad, have been used for centuries in Moroccan homes for tea. These teapots have several advantages: Thermal conductivity: Copper is an excellent heat conductor, which means that it warms up quickly and distributes heat evenly into the teapot. This ensures that the tea is brewed evenly and evenly, resulting in a better flavor. Durability: Copper is a durable metal that can withstand high temperatures and corrosion. Moroccan copper teapots are often handmade and can last for many years with care. Health benefits: Copper is known for its antibacterial properties and can help prevent the growth of harmful bacteria. Some studies suggest that drinking water from copper containers can also have health benefits, such as improving digestion and boosting the immune system. Aesthetic appeal: Moroccan copper teapots are often beautifully decorated with intricate designs and patterns, making them a decorative addition to any kitchen or dining room. Overall, Moroccan copper teapots offer several advantages, including improved tea brewing, durability, potential health benefits, and aesthetic appeal.

Moroccan Taghazout

MAD 140,00
Taghazout teapot is a Moroccan copper teapot is a traditional tea making container that is commonly used in Moroccan culture. It is also known as a "Moroccan kettle" or "Moroccan teapot". The teapot is generally made of copper and has a distinctive shape with a curved beak and decorative handle.

Oualili Teapot x4

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Teapot oualili is made in traditional style, with a copper exterior. Copper retains the temperature of tea, which helps preserve its natural benefits, it is a material that has many health benefits and benefits. It Process: Artisanal Material: Copper Origin: Fes

Ras El ma teapot

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The ras el ma teapot is made of copper and made in a traditional and artisanal way in Morocco, commonly used in Moroccan households to prepare and serve tea. It is made of copper and often decorated with intricate designs and patterns. The teapot has a long curved beak and a handle that is placed perpendicular to the body of the teapot.