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Rule 1: content rights

All the content of this Moulay driss site is the property (c) of Moroccan It Sarl, whether it is the mark (M), the images, videos or descriptions; any reproduction not authorized by Moroccan It Sarl will be prosecuted by the competent establishments.

However, be aware that the purpose of this site is to promote the Moroccan product and the made in morocco, you will have the right to reuse, distribute or market this content only under written agreement by the company Moroccan It.

Rule 2: Partnership

partnership: you can become a partner of Moulay driss only and only if you produce, market or distribute 100% Moroccan products.

Rule 3: discrimination

all human, and all born in 9 months; No difference in Jewish, Muslim Christian or other, no distinction by color, origin, race, nationality, sex, sexual orientation, disability, marital status or pardoned status.

Any discriminatory behavior on our site or social networks is strictly prohibited and will give us the right to suspend all activity on our website and that of our partners.

Rule 4: Confidentiality

Your data is your property and not ours, that is our motto. We are committed to keeping them confidential and do not share, disclose or sell them!

For the confidentiality of payments, we have selected and chosen The payment system managed by PAYPAL VISA MASTERCARD and any other payment intermediary with the same level of electronic banking!

As for the confidentiality of your passwords, you are the only ones to have them and we have no access or control, if you forget your password, you can retrieve it at any time via your email address.

Rule 5: contact details and contact

Your personal details such as your phone number or email are not shared, disclosed or sold to third parties. Only our subsidiaries and / or partners can communicate with you without harassing you.

You keep the absolute choice of whether or not to be contacted by our subsidiaries or partners


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